Underflow – an epic journey into the depths of alien world

 Today, we announce new game called Underflow. An epic journey into the depths of alien world, where player commands group of microbots and guides their evolution.

About game

Players will experience unique tactical gameplay within beautiful ocean environment. In this game, life is power. Literally. Life of a microbot is converted to attack power and player can use this power to neutralize enemy and convert neutralized enemy to fight at his side. Game turns into tactical dance where you have to balance risk of losing unit to enemy whenever you try to steal his units and reward for doing so. In addition studio utilizes artificial intelligence to compose atmospheric soundtrack which is well suited for this game. Players will experience five distinctive worlds, from lush blue coral reefs, through shallow sandy coasts to deep dark trenches.

Game design started even before Triple Hill started it’s own existence. In 2014 team worked on a game called Bacteris (iOS, Android). Studio received lot of positive reviews and also a ton of useful feedback. Studio took this feedback from players, added bunch of own ideas and rebuild the game into full fledged real-time tactical game for PCs. Art-style was transformed from 2D abstract visuals to stylized 3D graphic. Dozens of new units were added along with “evolution tree” and game became deeper and more fun.

Main features

  • Atmospheric world full of plants, animals, corals and fungi
  • Unique health conversion system in which life energy is converted to ammo
  • Engaging skill-based combat system
  • Deep gameplay and unit combination options
  • Music composed by artificial intelligence

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