Some info we caught at Game Developers Session in Prague

Some info we caught at Game Developers Session in Prague

Few days ago we attended conference about game developing GDS in Prague. Over all it had it´s ups and downs, we met interesting people, heard some cool talks, played some games and last but not least, had few drinks. We heard and saw a lot but here are some interesting insights you may or may not know.

1.If you don´t promote your app at all, suprisingly it will get 0 downloads.
May seems funny but it really underlines importance of marketing and PR in app development. There was this guy who did an experiment and released game without telling anybody and without any marketing or PR. Surprise surprise, after few months he actually had ZERO downloads. Yes, it´s possible.

2. Article on „big“ site like IGN or TouchArcade doesn´t automatically mean unlimited succes.
There were cases when game was featured on one of these big sites and wasn´t succesful anyway. So don´t think that „you got it“ only because one journalist likes your game. It´s a long road.

3. Game journalists get hundreds of emails per day, all of them requesting review for game.
Seems familiar? Well actually that horrible number is not accurate. According to PR specialist Agniezska Szóstak, who did a little survey between game journalists, on average they get from 10 to 30 emails per day. Of course you still need to stand out but it´s not as bad as it seems.

4. Don´t make casual games
There are too many casual games that are meant to entertain everybody. Apparently we should try to make a game for specific target group. If game is super hard like our Dracos, does it count as not casual? Well, lets say it does :-)

And i must add another info. Aparently there over 400 new apps in AppStore every day. I always knew it´s bad but frankly was afraid to ask how bad exactly. Well, now i know. Good for me….i guess.
So what do you think? Are you motivated or discouraged? :-)

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