App Development keystone that you might underestimate

App Development keystone that you might underestimate

App development is not easy. The desire to create something new, unique, enjoyable is often suppressed by lack of time, knowledge, money and many more problems along the way. When you browse google and try to find out how to create likeable app, how to be succesful developer, how to promote your app after launching it, you´ll find many articles with more or less similar instructions. The logo should be colorful and eye catching, the gameplay should be smooth and engaging, you should contact as many game journalists as you can etc.

I understand that these attributes are very important but on the other hand i think that the most important part comes even before you write the first line of code. In my opinion, the keystone of app development is your belief.
More precisely, three ways of believing. You need to:

Believe in yourself, that you´re able to create great app, possibly new phenomenon. Believe that even that the competition in app development field is tough, you could succeed. If you know you can do it, then do it!

Believe in your app, it´s usefulness, engaging effect and helpfulness. That you did everything you could to make it valuable and you´re happy with the result. And be sure that your app is worthy it´s prize. If you create something that even you wouldn´t pay for, then what´s the purpose?

And very important…

Believe in gaming as such. Believe that gaming has it´s unique purpose, brings great opportunities, can teach, amuse, develop personality and in some cases maybe even heal. Believe that gaming is much more than just „unproductive“ spending of time.

So long story short – if you believe, it´s a good start with a long road ahead of you.

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