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[SK-Blog] Krok za krokom

Krok za krokom… sa blížime k jednému z najvyššie položených horských priesmykov na svete. Nenávidím ho. Nohy sa mi pletú a v hlave mám zvláštny vyšumelý pocit. Neviem si spomenúť prečo som tu. Thorong La je zradný. Niekoľko krát sa Vám počas cesty ukáže jeho vrhol, len aby znova zmizol za menším kopcom, ktorý musíte prekonať. Je to vyčerpávajúce, nepohodlné a deprimujúce. Cestou, na pomedzí hnevu, únavy a zúfalstva, hrubo a nahlas nadávam okolitým horám.Niečo po pol 10-tej ráno konečne […]

New rendering stack in Underflow – gallery

We’ve been working hard on how Underflow should look. New Unity3D render stack helped us to create much more beautiful atmosphere.

Object Pooling in Unity (Part 2)

In the previous article Object Pooling in Unity we have described the advantages of creational design pattern which can be extended. We will describe our approach in the following text. Every game is composed of innumerable objects which can almost always be divided into several categories. Each category is defined by common properties / behaviour of certain object type. In order to effectively change the visual representation of objects placed in the scene we have decided to design some sort […]

Object Pooling in Unity (Part 1)

The object pool pattern is a software creational design pattern that uses a set of initialized objects kept ready to use – an object pool – rather than allocating and destroying them on demand. A consumer of the pool will request an object from the pool and perform operations on the obtained object. When the consumer has finished its work, it returns the object back to the pool rather than destroying it manually or automatically. General Usage Let’s define some […]

About us

Established in January 2015 in Kosice by three friends, Peter Adamondy who previously created financial software for big investment banks, Martin Benetin who implemented avionic test systems for airplanes, and Marian Gressak who was a graphic designer in a marketing company. We abandoned all this to pursue the dream of our own game development company.

Company name and logo

Company name and logo is taken from Slovak national emblem. Three hills represent mysterious hills Matra – Fatra – Tatra. They are trully mysterious because noone really knows which hills are depicted on the emblem. There are some theories but true geological origins are lost. It is however accepted that three hills represents The Path of Cleansing. Path starts at Matra (hill south of the Danube river) – fountain of birth, hill of prosperity; then continues through White mountains of Fatra (hills of the Mala Fatra) representing removal of sins and ending high above Tatra (High Tatras – probably Krivan) in the seat of gods.

CEO & Game designer

Peter Adamondy


Martin Benetin


Pavol Liščinský

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Underflow is an epic journey into the depths of alien world, where player commands group of microbots and guides their evolution. Experience unique tactical gameplay within the beautiful ocean environment. In this game, life is power. Literally. Life of a microbot is converted to attack power. Use this power to neutralize enemy and convert neutralized enemy to fight at your side.