About us

About us

Established in January 2015 in Kosice by three friends, Peter Adamondy who previously created financial software for big investment banks, Martin Benetin who implemented avionic test systems for airplanes, and Marian Gressak who was a graphic designer in a marketing company. We abandoned all this to pursue the dream of our own game development company — learning step-by-step how to achieve this childlike idea of making games we want to play. Later same year, we invited Miro Fek (co-creator of Pulse Shift) to work with us and he accepted. From that time he almost exclusively worked on our new game. Created concept arts, designing characters and preparing ground for rest of the team to join him after Clumzee’s released.

Company name and logo

Company name and logo is taken from Slovak national emblem. Three hills represent mysterious hills Matra – Fatra – Tatra. They are trully mysterious because noone really knows which hills are depicted on the emblem. There are some theories but true geological origins are lost. It is however accepted that three hills represents The Path of Cleansing. Path starts at Matra (hill south of the Danube river) – fountain of birth, hill of prosperity; then continues through White mountains of Fatra (hills of the Mala Fatra) representing removal of sins and ending high above Tatra (High Tatras – probably Krivan) in the seat of almighty creator.
We think that this mythical origin is great symbol for all creative endeavors. As you go through the stage of plenty ideas (hill of prosperity), then removing unnecessary or straight out bad ones (white mountains) and ending in the heights of creation (High Tatras).
As we create games, we go through same path ourselves, slowly gaining more and more experience.

Our team

CEO Peter AdamondyCEO Peter Adamondy

Like: Gaming and game development

Dislike: Fast Food






Graphic artist Marián GreššákLead graphic artist: Marián Greššák

Like: Myself

Dislike: Fiat






3D Graphic Artist Miroslav Fek3D Graphic Artist: Miroslav Fek

Like: Sci-fi

Dislike: shillyshally






Programmer Martin BenetinProgrammer: Martin Benetin

Like: Traveling

Dislike: Nothing