20 reasons why gaming is good for you!

20 reasons why gaming is good for you!

Remember the time when everybody thought that playing video games is waste of time? And it makes children violent? Well that time is gone. Nowadays there is increasing number of articles talking about benefits of gaming as such. We searched many of them and compiled the big list of reasons why gaming is good for you. Here you are:
Playing video games:
1. Enhances problem solving skills
2. Improves creativity
3. Helps develop a sense of identity
4. Leads to believing in own intelligence and abilities
5. Generates positive feelings
6. Helps regulate emotions
7. Helps prosocial behavior
8. Improves hand-eye coordination
9. Decreases supressing emotions
10. Improves team work ability
11. Improves decision making
12. Supports self-confidece
13. Helps develop good spatial sense
14. Leads to better reflexes
15. Improves visual abilities
16. Reduces stress and depression
17. Keeps you happy when you´re old
18. Improves motor skills
19. Helps to make faster decisions
20. Improves concentration and attention

Well, what are you waiting for? Go play video games! Now!

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